Preparing for your headshot photo shoot session.

Many people are not sure on how to prepare for their headshot photo shoot session. Many don't even know that they should prepare for a headshot photo shoot session. In todays post I will suggest a few things to keep in mind. 

  1. A Great Attitude: Why does this matter? This matters because the way you feel and what you are thinking (i.e. "I am not photogenic." "I hate getting my picture taken." "I always look awkward." Etc.) shows in your photos. So in the days leading up to your shoot think positive thoughts. (i.e. "This will be the best photoshoot I have ever had." "I love getting my picture taken." "This will be fun. I will look my best." Etc.)
  2. Hair and makeup: For both women and men if you plan on getting your haircut it is recommend to do it a week before. So that you have time to make sure it is the way you want it. Women, commonly there are two options for you as far as makeup goes. First option is do it yourself. Second have a professional hair and makeup artist do it for you. If you choose to do it yourself you will want to make sure it still looks like you. Think of your headshot as you on your best hair and makeup day. 
  3. Sleep and Hydration: These two are very important. You want to make sure you are getting plenty of sleep in the days leading up to your shoot. This way you are energized and ready to go. Also this will help minimize bags under your eyes and redness of the eyes. Keeping hydrated in the days leading up to your shoot maintains fresh and healthy looking skin.
  4. Clothing: You want to keep in mind that a headshot is all about you and not what you are wearing. With that you will want to stay away from any distracting designs or patterns. Also stay away from flesh toned colors.
  5. Accessories: Only have accessories if you are known for them otherwise do not wear any. Same goes with eye wear. 
  6. Relax: This might be the hardest one of all. Just remember that this is not a life or death situation and that you can have some fun with it. A great photographer can have you feeling relaxed in no time. Once you are able to relax you will see that your photos will turn out ten times better. 

These are my six basic suggestions for preparing for your headshot photo session. I can't emphasize enough the importance of #1. Even if you are unable to do the rest of them make sure you have a great attitude coming into the shoot. You will see a world of difference in your outcome.  

If you have any question or suggestion please leave a comment.