Why are we afraid to get in front of the camera?

Recently photographer Peter Hurley and psychologist Anna Rowley joined forces to create Psyphotology a study of why we are afraid of being in front of the camera. They presented their findings at TEDxCambridge. Each person on this planet doesn't like some part of their physical body. Even Ms. Universe doesn't like the way she looks. This is mind blowing to me. I believe there are a couple of things we can do to overcome this fear. As simply as it may seem

  1.  Realize that being in front of a camera is not scary. It's a time to have fun and try new things. Plus if you have a great photographer that can give you tips on how to look better in any photo then you are on your way to conquering this fear. 
  2. Learn self love. Really this should be the number one thing in anyones life. Once you can accept all of your "flaws" and truly learn to love yourself for who you are there is no need to care or be concerned with what other people might say.

Anyway that is just my two cents. Watch the video and more importantly start loving who you are today! Not just little parts of you, all of you.  

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Professional photographer Peter Hurley and psychologist Anna Rowley have devised a simple way to overcome your fear of the camera lens.