How can a professional headshot help you and your business?

There's a saying "a picture is worth a thousand words." So I ask you. Is your current headshot/profile picture saying the right words for you and your business? Does it say that you are confident, approachable, trustworthy, happy, professional or more? If not, you need a new headshot! There are many benefits to having a professional headshot I will list a handful here.

  • A great photo can create an element of trust.

  • People do business with people they know, like and trust. Having a great professional portrait can create all three.

  • It shows your potential customers, clients, employers, vendors and competitors that you are serious about your business and your personal brand.

  • ***“LinkedIn profiles with photos are viewed seven times more often than profiles with a blank box...” Making you more visible to potential customers, clients, and employers.

  • Keeps your brand & image looking fresh.

  • Can be used for all your promotions including but not limited to all social media sites, business cards, business website, brochures/fliers, newsletters, emails and public speaking bios.

  • It's an easy investment in yourself and your company that can have a big ROI.

  • It puts your “best digital foot forward”

  • Most importantly having a great portrait of yourself makes you feel great!

***Quote from a article by Meghan Casserly - 

Think of it this way. When you go to an interview, a meeting with a client, a demo/pitch to an investor, or a networking event, etc., how do you represent yourself? I would imagine it is with your best foot forward. You wear something that makes you look and feel confident, approachable, in control, and conveys that you know what you are doing. Why, then, would you not do the same with your profile photo? In today's society of limitless internet connectivity, we no longer have the luxury of our first impression coming from a face-to-face meeting. More engagements from potential clients, vendors, partners, competitors and others are happening through social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Your profile image will guide them to their first impression of you. And there it is! The reason you need a professional headshot: You need to “put your best digital foot forward.” The image you have on your profile right now tells those potential clients, vendors and partners whether you are confident, experienced, approachable, easy going and so much more. It isn't limited to your online profile picture either. Your business cards, promotions and website all convey your personal brand. Don't be the professional with a bathroom-selfie or an outdated 80's-style picture. Be the professional with a great headshot taken by an actual photographer that knows what he (or she) is doing. Do it so you can show everyone that they should be doing business with you.