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Oh, and lets not forget fun too! Yeah, can't forget fun! 

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The unfortunate truth is we as humans judge one another plane and simple. People judge whether they trust you or not within 40 milliseconds of seeing your image. 40 MILLISECONDS!!! Is your headshot sending the right message?

We make getting headshots you’ll actually like fun, easy, quick and painless!

We’ve helped professionals & entrepreneurs [like you] successfully communicate trustworthy, likability and confidence to their audiences.

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This is NOT just another photo of you. This is your professional brand!


You are here because you need a new or updated professional headshot. You're finally tired of using that one good selfie you took years ago. Or you finally realized that old professional headshot taken 5, 10 or 20 years ago no longer looks like you. We are here to help you forget about those old images and help you look professional, feel amazing and put your best digital foot forward. All while looking trustworthy, likable, & confident.

Your prospective clients, employers, employees, & organizations are seeing you for the first time ONLINE! And as unfair as it is they are deciding whether they want to work with you based on your headshot. Heck you have already done it to me. (*I'm the guy to the right -----------> or if you are on mobile the guy above.)

If you would like to find out if Photography By Jovanni is the right headshot photographer for you answer these questions below.

  • Do you feel like you are not a photogenic person?

  • Do you hate being in front of the camera or lack the confidence of being in front of a camera?

  • Are you unsure on how to pose?

  • Are you short on time?

  • Do you like to have fun and laugh?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you've found the right headshot photographer for you! Together you and I will create the best headshots of your life.