How to do your own makeup for your headshot session

As a photographer I strongly recommend hiring a professional makeup artist for your headshot session. Remember your image whether in a photo or in real life is a major part of your business. The way people perceive you can either help or hurt your business. Hiring a makeup artist isn't always possible, I know. If you must do your own makeup follow these simple tips. ------------------>

About the Makeup Artist

Hiba Zananiri is a local professional makeup artist based on the SF Bay Area Peninsula. She is willing and able to travel as far north as Napa and as far south as Gilroy and even shows some love to the East Bay. Here is Hiba in her own words: 

"One of my many joys is to witness the reactions of my clients when they see the finished look. Understanding makeup is not complex but it is a creative art. I've been professionally working in the makeup industry for 5 years and many more years before on my friends and family. I've done makeup on all ages from 5 to 92 years old). I am looking forward to enhance the beauty you already have." 

If you would like to hire Hiba you can contact her at:

Hiba Zananiri

Phone: (650) 200-9043 


5 Tips To Better Skin By Lauren Jeong

Having great skin not only feels good it looks good. We might not always be able to have flawless skin but we can always strive to have the best skin we can have. I’ve asked my friend Lauren Jeong a licensed esthetician to share some simple tips to help ensure great skin before your headshot session.

Here is a little bit about Lauren and what she does for her clients.

Lauren has a passion for helping women and men achieve their healthiest, best skin through education and results driven skin care practices.

Having dealt with cystic acne for many years herself, she is here to guide you on your journey to healthier, clearer skin so that you can show up for that job interview with confidence or enjoy that dinner date with with that special someone. You do not need to be controlled by your skin anymore! While her passion for clearing skin began from my own struggles with acne, she is equally as passionate about helping you achieve your best skin whether that is recovering from hyperpigmentation from acne, rosacea, sunspots, age spots, or wrinkles.

Through her clinical approach, you work together to alleviate, and in some cases, eradicate your skin concerns. No matter what your skin condition might be Lauren is here to help you feel, look and be your most confident self!

Contact Info:

Lauren Jeong

By Appointment Only

Address: 1313 Laurel St #101, San Carlos, CA 94070

Phone: (408) 375-6946